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Safeguarding in St Peter's Community Hinckley

 We are all aware that the Catholic Church has been in the spotlight in the last fifteen years or so, over its handling of child abuse cases world wide. What is perhaps less well-known is that in England and Wales in the same period, much time and energy has been spent in striving to create a Church where all are safe from harm and abuse, and where everyone is encouraged to enjoy the fullness of life in Jesus Christ through the protective endeavours of the whole Catholic community. 

In Nottingham Diocese, every parish has at least one safeguarding representative. In our parish Nadine Baxendale is our representative. Her role is to try to prevent harm and abuse from occurring in the parish. She does this by ensuring that anyone who has a ministry with children, young people or vulnerable adults goes through a safe recruitment process and works safely in their ministry.  So for example there are at least two adult helpers with every ministry involving children or young people, and activities take place in an open environment. Those who have a ministry with vulnerable adults are also encouraged to minister safely, though there is no expectation that Extraordinary ministers work in pairs

Nadine also promotes vigilance and awareness of safeguarding issues in our parish. However safeguarding is the responsibility of every member of our parish community. We know that in every parish in our Diocese there may be people who have directly experienced abuse or harm. Anyone who has a concern or worry about the wellbeing of a child or vulnerable adult should voice this either to Nadine Baxendale or Fr Frank. They will pass this on to the Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator so that the issue can be properly dealt with.

In the Diocese we have a Safeguarding Commission to oversee all safeguarding matters, and to provide advice to the Bishop. There is independent representation from Police, Probation, Children and Adult Social Care services on the Commission, to ensure that safeguarding in the Diocese is transparent and open, and that the voices of the vulnerable can be heard.

Contact telephone numbers

Nadine Baxendale  home 01455 617818

                                Mob. 07943 142402

John Creedon Safeguarding Coordinator for the Diocese 0115 9603010


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