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St.Peter's Community Finance Committee
Under the requirements of canon law, a finance committee is to be set up in each parish to administer the finances of the parish in partnership with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham (known by the letters NRCDT) whose charitable status we share. They are to ensure that adequate income is provided to meet the needs of each parish and to fund capital projects where necessary. A quota to the diocese is levied each year according to the income through weekly collections and Gift Aid contributions, which can add significantly to parish funds. Many people make a financial contribution to their parish through a bank standing order and this is extremely useful and very much appreciated. Each year the parish treasurer and parish priest are required to submit audited accounts to the diocese and to give the parish community information regarding their present financial status in a report presented shortly after the end of the financial year. The membership of our committee is as follows:
Mrs.Elizabeth Franklin (Chair)
Mr.Leo Burton (Vice-Chair)
Mr.Christopher Sowman (Parish Treasurer)
Mr.John McGlynn (Gift Aid organiser)
Fr.Frank Daly (Parish Priest)
Rev.Robin Pollard (Parish Deacon)
Mrs.Norma Armson
Mrs.Vanda Connolly
Mr.Terry Coyle
Mr.David Ellingworth
Mrs.Maddy Hancock
Mr.Jim Gildea
Mr.Fred Mason
Mr.David Reid

We give thanks for the devoted contributions of members who have died: Mr.John Power, Mr.Frank O’Neill, Miss Mary Forryan and Mrs.Dorothy Moloney and of Mr.Paul Scola, who has resigned.

More information may be obtained from the parish web-site or from Hinckley Priory 

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