Suggestions for the development of the Hinckley Sunshine Club

October 2010    from Fr.Frank

We are all well aware of the difficulties we have been having over the past two years when moving from a single figure-head to run the group (Mary) to a group of people co-ordinated by a group leader (Catherine) and also of how difficult it is to get together and arrange anything because of the working and family problems of some of the leaders. The same problem exists in one or two of the other groups as well. Many of the 'leaders' have particular abilities and skills which we want to promote and make us of for the good of everyone. So I propose the following:

-                 we involve more people in the leadership team - anyone who wishes - including one or two of 'our friends'. The term "VIP's" should be dropped and buried as soon as possible! This work should be co-ordinated by the new group leader

-                 we meet at the end of each club night, during the last half hour of the session to make any necessary planning arrangements for the next evening

-                 we share the tasks that are necessary to run the club nights - ie. preparing the room and returning it to the state in which we found it, organising refreshments; preparing any art work materials we are going to use, or CD's and musical equipment, organising transport etc.

-                 we sort out how many club evenings need to be spent on the SPANNED Annual project, and what other activities we might plan

-                 we begin each session on time in the 'prayer area', and talk about any 'news' that members might have as well as what we are going to do that evening.

-                 refreshments should be served at 7.30pm approx, and then after a short time of finishing off our work, we devote the last half and hour to social or musical activities - eg. wheelchair hockey, table games, 'karaoke' - which will need to be planned in advance. On some occasions we may choose to devote the whole evening to this or some other activity such as cooking in the new kitchen. We could also show a short film - eg. episode of "Dad's Army" - during this time to enable the leaders to meet. We then finish the evening at 8.20pm with prayer and a song in the 'prayer area'.

-                 it might be an idea to ask one of the leaders to take a particular interest in one or two other members, but we would need to be very careful here. Better links with the residential communities and the Trees should be fostered and developed

-                 individual attention to group members during the evening or 'social session' might be a good idea to help deal with personal hygiene or appearance, or some form of speech therapy

-                 from time to time involvement in a dramatic presentation either in church or in the centre might be a good idea.

-                 a record of the session be kept in a special book for future reference